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Home of Live Sound Production & Recording. We also offer DJ services, video recording and live streaming for any event. Perfect for your family or commercial sound and video needs!

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Phone : +1 908 800 2384

Feel Free to contact our friendly technical team and have a detailed discussion of your needs at a2z.soundteam@gmail.com! We would offer the most competitive pricing to meet your specific requirement.

What we do

  • Live sound system package (Complete solutions for live audio performances that can handle small to medium live events and performances for Instrumental, Vocal and Band performances)

  • High-quality sound recording, editing, mixing and mastering

  • DJ for any family and community club parties with Professional Lights

  • Multicamera live streaming and video recording of your event

  • Event Photography

High Sound Quality produced in both Live sound and Recording

What we've done

We are currently a small but a customer friendly venture. We always work with our customers closely to deliver their needs at affordable pricing. Our professionalism, friendly behavior with customer, is our USP. We work with all - do not just with big names and also promotes the talents from every generation through local community events!

DJ GSCA Holiday Party - 12/11/21

DJ GSCA Holiday Party-12/11/21

Influence & Emergence Prep- 12/04/21


Influence & Emergence -12/04/21 Live Show


Influence & Emergence -12/04/21 Live Show

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